Size-Perfect DTF Transfers: Tailored to Impress!

Tailored precision, ultimate style. Experience unmatched DTF quality, perfectly sized for your creative projects.

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Build Like a Pro: The Ultimate Gang Sheet Builder

Craft, design, optimize. Elevate your projects with our high-end gang sheet builder. Professional results await!

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Wholesale DTF Transfers: Affordable Quality At Scale

Welcome to Mad Monkey Transfers - the premier online destination for bulk DTF transfers. We specialize in transforming your creative visions into vibrant, long-lasting impressions. No design is too complex for our state-of-the-art direct-to-film printing technology.

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DTF Transfers: Next-level Direct-to-Film Printing

Experience the difference of our DTF transfers. We bring your designs to life with a stunning range of colors and exceptional detail. Whether you're after bright whites, deep blacks, or every shade in between, we deliver results that exceed expectations.

DTF Heat Transfers: Easy Application, Outstanding Durability

Explore the simplicity and effectiveness of our DTF heat transfers. Compatible with heat presses, and Cricut, our transfers apply quickly and withstand the test of time. Enjoy vibrant, durable prints that stay true, wash after wash.

Click, Upload, Impress!

Send us your designs digitally, be it black-and-white, full color, or complex. We'll artfully turn them into a Direct-to-Film sensation that'll make heads turn.

Speedy Craftsmanship & Dispatch

We use our proprietary DTF printing process to curate your transfers, creating intricate, high-quality, and vivid Direct-to-Film impressions that stand out from the crowd.

Perfect for Heatpress, Cricut, Vinyl

Deploy your DTF transfers at 280°F / 160°C. Apply solid pressure for 12-15 seconds, peel, repress, and watch your design stand the test of time with an unbeatable durability.

Ready-to-Press Unique DTF Transfers: Speedy Turnaround for Bulk Projects

Fast, Reliable Transfer Printing Services

We're committed to helping you meet the deadlines with our ready-to-press custom DTF transfers. Trust in our swift, 24-hour printing and shipping service that ensures your high-quality transfers arrive when you need them.

Tailored DTF Transfers: Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

Make your unique mark with our high-quality DTF transfers. From personal projects to brand promotions, we've got you covered. We ensure your artwork stands out with unmatched clarity, vividness, and durable that long last other transfer methods just can't match.


Purchasing DTF transfers wholesale allows you to save costs significantly. When you buy in bulk, we can provide better prices per unit. Besides cost-effectiveness, ordering DTF transfers wholesale also ensures that you have a steady supply for large-scale projects or to fulfill multiple customer orders without delays.

Our UV DTF transfers utilize advanced ultraviolet printing technology that ensures excellent color fidelity and detail resolution. With this technology, your prints can achieve vibrant, life-like colors and sharp detail, making your designs stand out remarkably.

DTF heat transfers are best applied using a heat press machine. Set your machine at 280°F / 160°C and apply high pressure for 12-15 seconds. After that, peel the film and press again for another 12-15 seconds. This process ensures optimal adhesion and durability of the print.

Absolutely. We specialize in providing DTF transfers tailored to your unique design specifications. Whether you need a special color combination, intricate patterns, or specific artwork, we can deliver high-quality transfers that align with your creative vision.

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time. Once your artwork is submitted and approved, we aim to print your DTF transfers and have them ready to press and ship within 24 hours.